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BBQ Menu

Brisket - $195, approx. 40 servings

Pork Belly - $90 for 7 lbs

Pulled Pork, Carnitas - $108, approx. 40 servings

St. Louis Pork Ribs - $25/rack; Baby Backs - $27/rack

Chicken Pieces- $12-24, approx. 5 servings

We do sides and provide breads, condiments, whatever you need.
*All Prices Based on Current Market Price


Examples of Other Meals We've Featured

Beef Stroganoff • Lamb Chops • Ribeye Steak • Enchiladas • Braciole • Vegetarian • Carne Asada • Casseroles • 3 Meat Meatballs • Chili • Pho • Green Curry

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